LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal

The Marine Air Terminal was built at LaGuardia airport by Pan Am prior to world war II to serve it's flying boats providing the first American Trans Atlantic airline service. Today the terminal serves the Delta shuttle. The Marine Air Terminal's rich history can still be seen, however. The rotunda features a restored 360 degree mural that was covered in the fifties as it appeared a little too "communist". The original wooden benches, complete with clipper propeller motif on the ends, ring the rotunda. At the center of the rotnuda we see a Boeing 314 model over a bust of mayor Florio LaGuardia. One wall of the rotunda now features a sign describing ther terminal's flying boat history. The outside of the terminal is still ringed by flying fish tiles. After World War II this terminal served as New Yorks "international" terminal until Idlewild opened.

The steel eagle from the original main terminal now sits atop the entrance to the port authority offices which are now housed in the old Pan Am flying boat hangers immeadiately next to the Marine Air Terminal.

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