Lot Tu-154. (1990)

Lot Tu-154 cockpit

While killing time on a hardstand waiting for passengers I spied this aircraft parked next to us. It looked just as quiet as our's so I grabbed what I hoped would be welcom gifts to an Eastern Bloc crew; a Time magazine, a few cans of Coke and some kiddy wings, and headed over to their aircraft for a visit. The 154's crew did not speak English, but accepted my gifts and showed me the cockpit. (See above) It was quite large, and had several interesting features, including overhhead fans for each pilot and the biggest ADF I'd ever seen. The Flight Engineer's Panel (bottom photo) was also large, and featured it's own set of throttles. I was somewhat envious of this feature, as the throttles on the 727 I was on can be quite a reach for a Flight Engineer.

Lot Tu-154 F/E panel

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