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Eco farming, by David!

Map out a route!

Make, how to an DIY

a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns

Where items are recycled by posting them on line and giving away!

Animated Knots
Animated knots


A cool place to post and view pictures

The Best of Craig's List

What's That Bug
What's That Bug

submit a bug picture to have it identified, or read really gross stories.

Keystone Arches
Keystone Arches

Five stone railroad bridges connected by a trial in Western MA.

Geo Caching
Geo Caching: where YOU are the search engine!

click here to see my own step by step explanation of how to geocache!

Weather Pix
Weather Pix

Some of the most incredible weather pictures I've ever seen.
Above photo by Gene Rhoden

Jeremiah Weed
The True story of Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah Weed defined
Demotivational expressions

Aldrich Astronomy Society
Aldrich Astronomy Society

ImaginAir Designs
ImaginAir Designs

The best collection of rubber aircraft, space and weather you'll ever find!

Python Online
Monty Python On Line - Join the Spam Club today!


If you have any interest in learning more about Glass Insulators this is THE site to visit.

Cosmic Wimpout

Cosmic Wimpout Homepage

Know these dice? Follow the link and purchase a roll of 1000 stickers. Together we can ensure that NO tollbooth is safe!

Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards: A website dedicated to those who improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from it.

(Note: This link will take you to my favorite, a gentleman who thought strapping a JATO bottle to his car might be a good idea. Use the left frame on the site to navigate to other "winners".)

Rocket Rebuttal

Rocket Car Rebuttal

A rather lengthy explanation of the (possible) origins of this urban legend deemed worthy of a Darwain Award.

Rocket Rebuttal

Find a science museum in the Pasport system


See how much of your charitable contribution actually reaches the intended recipients!

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