Green Flash

Green Flash

While visiting a friend in San Diego we headed to the beach to observe the sunset. I set up my camera to photograph the spectacle. Though I'd been looking for a green flash for 13 years since I'd first heard of them, it did not occur to me that I was about to see one. As the solar disk settled below the horizon the sides began to pinch inward and eventually stranded a small orb of light above the main disk. Much to my delight, this orb turned green as the sun continued to set - a green flash in the form of a "floater"! There was a second green flash as the last of solar disk disappeared below the horizon. Two green flashes in one sunset! The picture is somewhat grainy as the 200mm lens I used was not able to make the sun sufficiently large, forcing me to enlarge the digital scan more than I would've liked.

Follow the links below if you'd like to learn more about green flashes.
Sand Diego State University Department of Astronomy
Mt. Wilson Observatory

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