Fastest Frog on the Planet!


So.... A couple of months ago we're climbing out of RSW headed for HPN. The F/A in back rings the cockpit and says "Umm.... there's a frog back here..." "Where?" I ask. "On the sidewall at row 24, a customer found it. What should I do?" "Put it in a coffee cup with a lid and bring it to the cockpit!" was my immediate response! She did. The frog laid over in HPN with me, flew back to Florida then up to BOS with me and now lives in a terrarium in the kitchen. He's thriving on a diet of flies and crickets.

Treefrog on MFD

Fastest frog on the planet! M.76 at FL380!
(I'm not sure why I wasn't doing .78, probably way ahead of schedule?)

Treefrog on PFD

He's an American Green Tree Frog, by the way. Very common not only in the southeast, but in pet stores across the country.

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