The Cellar Pacific flies again!

Seaboard U33B

My childhood railroad layout was the Cellar Pacific. When my Mother moved into a townhouse last summer she unearthed it's boxed remains and suggested it be resurrected in her new basement for her grandchildren. I flipped over the original 4 x 8' sheet of plywood and made a new set of legs to start with. Auntie Al & Lowell (or JPL, as he's known in local circles) gave the children The Hogwarts Express to get them started. We've laid an outside loop so far, and an inner loop is next. The Cellar Pacific will have a yard off the inner loop, as well as a turntable and roundhouse. (See cardboard cutouts below) The track in the yard in the pictures has been laid out for planning purposes, but is not fastened down or functional yet. We'll be modelling the Rutland Railroad as well as the B&M line that used to pass through town here. And of course we'll make room for the odd express to Hogwarts at the start and close of each school sememster!

Cellar Pacific layout: East

Cellar Pacific layout: West

A new arrival to the Cellar Pacific is a Rutland Railroad RS-3, complete with rolling stock from the Rutland in tow. (below)

Rutland RS-3

Recently the Union Pacific Challenger joined the Hogwarts Express on the Cellar Pacific. (below)

Hogwarts Express & UP Challenger

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