TWA 727-231 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) #1

TWA 727 CPT TWA 727 CPT main panel TWA 727 CPT back TWA 727 CPT FE panel

I recently took a tour of the Aviation Musuem at the former Naval Air Station in Cape May, NJ. Boy, was I surprised to find this! A cockpit procedures trainer (CPT) is a device used to train pilots. Pilots use the CPT to practice checklists and flows during ground school and prior to simulator training. It gives them a cockpit to play and pratice in while they learn. In 1989 as a newly hired 727 flight engineer I trained in this very CPT! Hours of praticing flows, checklist and procedures in this thing. Throwing knobs and switches to see what they did. Classmates in every seat with manuals in laps trying to sort out just how a 727 worked and our role as flight engineers in it's operation. The last time I saw this CPT was still in St. Louis at our training center. The curator said the FAA donated it to the museum. How the FAA came to own it he did not know....

NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum

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