A note concerning Watermarks on www.flyian.net

Photography by Ian A Duncan

I have discovered my photographs are being used on the internet without my permission. The worst offense was the use of one of my photos in an on line news story by a major news agency. When I contacted the author he apologized and referred me to the online stock photography site he had used. The siteonly images only with no information about who owned or operated the site. Clearly my web page had been “harvested” for their use. This unfortunately is not the only example of such theft.

While I am happy to share my photographs with others, that being the whole point of this web page, I object to their use without my permission. Thus I have been forced to place watermarks on my photographs to prevent their use without my permission. I will systematically work my way through my site adding watermarks to all my pictures to protect them.
I have no objection to my photographs being used ON TWO CONDITIONS:

1) My permission is requested and received.
2) I am credited as the photographer

Of course, some sort of financial compensation would not be misplaced, as I have a photographic equipment habit to support, but this is not a requirement.
If you wish to use any of my photographs for any reason please feel free to contact me at flyian@charter.net

To everyone who has already done so, thank you for your consideration!

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Revised - - 6/8/2012
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