The "Trumpet" from TWA's original Terminal 5 at JFK

Terminal 5 Trumpet in place Trumpet moved to new location Trumpet on building  Trumpet and 190 Underneath

Article about the "Trumpet" being preserved.

At great expense JetBlue has preserved one section of the original flight wing from the Orginal Terminal five. Two concourses branched out from of the back of the Saarinen building. The first one was built with the main terminal from the back right hand corner as one faces the ramp area from inside. A second concourse was added in 1970 to left back corner of the main terminal. Known as "Flight Wing One" it was the first terminal designed for the (then) new 747. But it's the right or original concourse we're interested in here! This concourse split into two segments, forming a "Y". The central junction of the "Y" is what has now come to be known as the trumpet. As can be seen in the photos the Trumpet was placed on wheels, moved from it's original location to the end of the new JetBlue terminal to be used as an observation area. It's placement was an afterthought, and the structure itself is in poor condition. The preservation of this orignal piece of terminal does not seem to be having the desired effect fo enhancing the new terminal! The fact that a more permanent base for the Trumpet indicates that it's fate on the new structure is not assured... (Note: after I created this page the Trumpet was dismantled)

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